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prettyemogirl's Journal

toy gun
3 May
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him: i dont think people would really miss us
her: they wouldn't.
him: we're just 2 people out of billions
him: 2/1000000000 people
him: that equals us being like .0000000000002% of nothing
her: i don't know about you, but i know that there is nothing to miss about me. i don't have any great qualitites, i used to. but now i'm just nothing. i'm like one speck of fucking dust.
him: so am i
him: people just use me, and they cant use me if im dead
her: i don't know if i'm used. i don't know what i am good for.
her: there's nothing to use me for, that's how low i am.
him: its ok, we're equally worthless in my eyes